Laurie Childs 

I started with film photography, learning the fundamentals of capturing light.

After graduating from Western Washington University in Environmental Science, I traveled the West to work on projects in North Dakota, Nevada, and Montana.  I filled in my free time in-between drill rig projects & water sampling to explore with my camera, seek out other cultures abroad, guide Canoe trips in Northern B.C., make jewelry, and work for a farmers cooperative.

Today, Montana is home again. My images of my home state (and beyond) have been reproduced by a fine art painter, and in magazine publications and marketing campaigns. I currently show my work in Montana and Washington.

laurie childs portrait.jpg

Artist's Statement:

Growing up in Montana links me to the land—to the West and its people.  Traveling for work as an environmental scientist has taken me to some stunning places to study the biology, water, and geology.  What I have realized is that the land without people is just that—land. Photography allows me to link people and emotions with the land that makes the West distinct. Through my camera, my heart comes home.  No surprise, my lens (and my spirit) fell for the wild culture of the West, its welcoming people, and their gritty work ethic.  Honoring that connection and love others have for the region is the centerpiece of my work.